Weekly Top Ten – December 20, 2014

Weekly Top Ten Manga

Every week, Viz Media and the New York Times posts the top ten bestselling books. For Viz Media, it is the bestsellers on their site, Vizmanga.com. The New York Times gets their numbers of print sales from retailers. Offered here is a listing of these books with their status this week compared with the previous week, and some way-off analysis of the activity.

Viz Digital


Vizmanga.com for the week of December 9, 2014

Vizmanga didn’t send out a top ten for the second week in a row.



New York Times Bestseller List for the week ending December 13, 2014

  1. Naruto 68Naruto Vol 68     ↔
  2. Attack on Titan Vol 1     ↔
  3. Black Butler Vol 1     ↑ 2
  4. Attack on Titan Before the Fall Vol 3     ∗
  5. Food Wars Vol 3     ↑ 1
  6. No Game No Life Vol 1     ↵ 5
  7. Assassination Classroom Vol 1     ∗
  8. Attack on Titan Vol 14     ↔
  9. Attack on Titan No Regrets Vol 2     ↔
  10. Millennium Snow Vol 4     ↓ 6

There was not a lot of movement on the list this week.  Four titles, including the top two remained in the same spots. Seven Seas lost their Monster girls in favor of two game-playing hikkikomori with No Game No Life Vol 1 returning to the list. The only debuts this week were from Kodansha and Viz with Attack on Titan Before the Fall Vol 3 and Assassination Classroom Vol 1. Black Butler Vol 1 continues to do well, moving up to take the third top spot. as well as hitting 42 total weeks on the list. Only Attack on Titan Vol 1 has done better.



Amazon.com for Saturday, December 20, 2014

  1. AoT 1Attack on Titan Vol 1
  2. Sword Art Online Aincrad Vol 2
  3. Attack on Titan Vol 2
  4. Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition Vol 1
  5. Naruto Vol 68
  6. Legend of Zelda Manga Box Set 1-10
  7. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Box Set
  8. Warriors Manga Box Set: Greystripe’s Adventure
  9. Attack on Titan Vol 3
  10. Attack on Titan Vol 14
  11. Fairy Tail Vol 1
  12. Sailor Moon Box Set Vol 1-6

With Viz not posting a top ten again, and Christmas less than a week away, I decided to check out the Amazon.com bestsellers for manga to see what was selling online. 12 of the first top 20 were manga. Attack on Titan is doing well of course, with not only four volumes charting in the top 20, but also the omnibus of the first five volumes, the Colossal Edition. It makes sense that this volume sells better online. Box Sets are doing well too, with four different sets charting, including the first Tokyopop/HarperCollins’ Warriors trilogy. Warriors fans are dedicated and many. Box sets are a great way to pick up a new series, or complete and old one, and make great gifts, obviously.

∗ = New Release
↑ = Title moved up specified # of spots
↓ = Title moved down specified # of spots
↔ = Title didn’t moved from previous week
↵ = Title returned after dropping off list with total # of  weeks

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