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This Week at Manga Village ** 5/14/08

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It’s an (almost) all animals edition this week at Manga Village. Charles Tan starts off by sending creepy fish with spiny legs to haunt your dreams with Gyo Volume 1 from Viz. Dan Polley sets off on Toto! The Wonderful Adventure Volume 1 from Del Rey.  And just to be odd man out, I have Muhyo and Roji’s Burea of Supernatural Investigation Volume 3 from Viz.

Then we do our Weekly Picks, which runs the gambit of card games, girls dressed as guys, vampires, bread making, and soul hunting. Come check out our choices.

And for the kids, the All Ages comics list is up at Good Comics for Kids. Come find some reading material for the coming summer vacation.

Brian's Spot: Phantom Volume 3

Phanto Volume 3Phantom Volume 3
By Ki-Hoon Lee/Seung-Yup Cho
Publisher: Tokyopop
Genre: Action
Rating 13+
RRP: $9.99

Rating: ★★★★½
Reviewed by Brian Henderson

After K activates the untested Cerebus with the newly installed Aurora system, he takes on Kas Stein, the evil corporate warrior who has a mysterious past with Matilda the drill instructor in the skimpy outfit. We find that AIs like Cerebus aren’t very useful for fighting against experienced TC pilots, except this time when K and his mech sync perfectly and take out Kas at the last second. Everyone gets picked up just before the base self-destructs; K and Matilda are injured but will recover, but Kas, dragged out of his mangled TC, has lost his arm and likely his sanity.

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This Week at Manga Village ** 5/7/08

Come Visit Manga Village!We’ve got something old, some new, something shojo, and lots of shonen this week at Manga Village! Dan Polley starts the festivities off with Suzuka Volume 7 from Del Rey. Then Charles Tan gets a little D Gray-Man Volume 8 from Viz Media, but he seems up to the challenge. John Thomas takes us back to an oldie from Dark Horse’s past with Reiko, the Zombie Shop Volume 1, but don’t let that scare you. ‘Cause it’s time to get wild with some Wild Ones Volume 2 from Viz Media.

Over in the colums, we’ve got our picks for the week, with lots of suggestions, but only one recommendation. Hope you got your economic stimulus check, cause you’re going to need it!

Need something to keep the kids quiet so Mom has a peaceful Mother’s Day this Sunday? Then go to Good Comics for Kids and check out the new releases and picks for this week.

Review: Genju no Seiza Volume 4

Genju no Seiza Volume 4Genju no Seiza Volume 4

By Matsuri Akino
Publisher: Tokyopop
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 16+
RRP: $9.99

Rating: ★★★★★

After a string of animal murders are discovered throughout town, Fuuto and his guardians vow to bring the killer to justice. But after the return of Sohki leads to a startling turn of events, the young king begins rethinking what justice really is. Also, what happens when Fuuto pays a visit to the mysterious new pet shop that just opened in Tokyo? Find out in this volume’s bonus story starring Pet Shop of Horrors’ Count D!

This volume is all about fathers and what it means to have great responsibility. Is helping people the right thing to do? Or should their destinies be left to fate? What is the true responsibility of a king?

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Brian’s Spot: Phantom Volume 2

Phantom Volume 2Phantom Volume 2
By Ki-Hoon Lee/Seung-Yup Cho
Publisher: Tokyopop
Rating: 13+
Genre: Action/Mecha
RRP: $9.99

Rating: ★★★★½

Reviewed by Brian Henderson

K agrees to work for the anti-corporation organization Athena, mostly because they promise to help his girlfriend recover if he does. He goes off to their training facility in the middle of the desert to prepare to fight against the mega-corporations, still not quite convinced that the people he’s fighting with aren’t just as much terrorists as those they fight against. Unfortunately, the mega-corps discover their secret base and launch an all-out attack to cut off the head of the serpent. K and his fellow trainees are left to defend the base and allow the civilians to escape and finally, K is reunited with Cerebus, the super TC that no one but him can operate.

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This Week at Manga Village ** 4/23/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

It’s snack time at Manga Village! Our reviewers serve up some tasty titles. Come enjoy a bite, but be careful that something dark and demonic doesn’t get them first! Dan Polley has some fresh from the oven Yakitate Japan Vol. 9 from Viz. For dessert, enjoy some Honey & Clover Vol. 1 from Viz by me. From the shadows though, comes Charles Tan and the graphic novel Dark Wraith of Shannara from Del Rey. John Thomas brings My Dearest Devil Princess Vol. 2 from Broccoli Books to finish it all off.

Then come check out our weekly picks from this weeks meager releases. It wasn’t easy, but at least one publisher got a nearly unanimous endorsement from us. Make with the clicky to find out who it is!

And if you’re wondering what happened to my Kids Comics releases, I’ve moved them over to Word Balloons, the blog about kids comics and manga. You can catch all my kid comic recommendations there. This weeks list is up now.

This Week at Manga Village ** 4/9/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

New week, new reviews! We’ve got a full compliment this week. Lissa Patillo leads off this week with a return to Nightmares for Sale Volume 2 from Aurora Publishing. Hope she kept the receipt. John Thomas takes a slight detour away from manga to get sucked into Black Hole from Pantheon. Charles Tan takes a look at a shojo omnibus from Tokyopop with Kare Kano Volume 1-3 Collection. Dan Polley gives a good licking to Mamotte! Lollipop Volume 4 from Del Rey.  And I close the book on The Guin Saga Manga: The Seven Magi Volume 3 from Vertical Inc.

We’ve also got our weekly picks from this week’s new releases, and there were a lot of good books this week, so go check out our recommendations.

This Week at Manga Village **4/2/08**

Come Visit Manga Village!

New reviews from the crew at Manga Village are up! Starting things off, I revisit a title from Shojo Beat’s beginnings with Kaze Hikaru Volume 8 from Viz. Dan Polley has the first of two reviews as he breezes through Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Volume 1 from Viz. Lissa Pattillo flies by Innocent Bird Volume 3 from Blu/Tokyopop. Charles Tan takes you through the Portus from Viz, and Dan Polley returns with not one but TWO volumes of Fairy Tale Volumes 1 & 2 from Del Rey!

We’ve also got our weekly picks to satisfy the Manly Manga urge to the Boy’s Love obsession, to a touch of shojo and lots of shonen in between! Come share the manga love with us!

This Week at Manga Village ** 3/26/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

The Manga Village reviewers have been working hard this week to give you another great batch of reviews. Charles Tan starts us off with a tour of the Museum of Terror: Tomie Volume 1 from Dark Horse. John’s all packed for another delivery from Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 4 also from Dark Horse. Lissa Pattillo finds out how Boys Be Volume 1 from Tokyopop. Dan Polley gets a last shot at Golgo 13 Volume 13 from Viz. And, going for the three-peat, I catch a class at Monkey High! Volume 1 from Viz.

We’ve also got our weekly picks up from everyone except for John. He’s probably off raiding Akihabara no doubt, like any good otaku. Think he’ll bring something for his wonderful editor? No, I didn’t think so either. But what we are hoping for are some great stories about his time there, so keep watching for them!

Jenny's Journal: Dragon Drive Volume 4

Dragon Drive Volume 4
By Kenichi Sakura
Publisher: Viz Media

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: All Ages
Price: $7.99

Rating: ★★★★★


The three heroes are in Yaudim, the most dangerous place in Rikyu, eating. Reiji is ready to go into the first round in the tournament when they meet Taiyo. He’s the Reigning Champion Sun Wols, and he’s waiting in the second round. After saving Maiko, they head back to their hotel. The next morning, a team of rookies have beaten Taiyo. Reiji gets extremely pumped.


This one was awesome. I liked Taiyo and the way Reiji and Hikaru battled. Rokkaku was also funny, how he loved to drink and party. The flashbacks got me looking at them again and again.

What I liked about it

It was cute. Rokkakku’s flashback was so funny as his friend picked on him. Taiyo was pretty good as well.

What I didn’t like

Not even uno. (one, for those who can’t read Spanish.)

What you could do to make it better

Nada. (nothing)

Is this suitable for children?

There’s blood in it, but yes, yes it is.