It’s been 25 years since the original Macross aired in Japan.  In that span of time, several other series’ have been based in that universe, each one building on the previous.  Everyone one of them has keep the basics of the original; a love triangle with one guy who flies a valkyrie, and two girls who fall in love with him, with one of the girls usually being a singer, an alien race to threaten them, and a civilian population to guard.  The latest addition to this property, Macross Frontier, not only continues this tradition, but also throws in references from all the previous series’ to make it a real treat for Macross fans.

This series, much like Macross 7, calls up memories of Lynn Minmay, with Ranka Lee being compared to her, both for her rise from almost being unknown to famous, and that her song has an effect on the Vajra, the aliens that threaten to destroy the human fleet.  I find Ranka just a little too much on the moe side though.  She annoys me a lot.  But then so does Sheryl, the current idol that is also Ranka’s rival for the attentions of Alto, the fighter pilot that saves them both a lot.  It’s Sheryl’s sheer arrogance that grates me.

Ranka Lee’s brother, Ozma, is a well known fighter pilot and leader of the skull squadron, like Roy Fokker.  He likes a pineapple cake made by a former lover, Cathy Glass, the series’ Misa Hayase.  And nearly mirroring the original series, he gets injured but doesn’t tell anyone, to go to Ranka’s first concert.  The scenes are played almost identical to the original, only Ozma doesn’t die.  Reference is made to that immediately afterwards.  It was very funny.

Ranka and Sheryl are put into a movie that is filmed on the Macross Frontier.  The movie is actually Macross Zero.

Macross 7’s Firebomber gets a fair amount of play in some of the episodes.

An original Macross designed ship is found on an alien planet.  And there are still eight more episodes to go!

This series has been such a treat for fans.  It truly is an anniverary-marking series.

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