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Pretty Face Volume 2

April 29, 2009

Rando is back to his same old tricks, trying not to get caught pretending to be a girl, trying to get a job, trying to do this or that, and almost always getting caught by his crush / fake twin Rina or her group of friends. The big story arc this time around is that they’re all going on vacation to Okinawa, and Rando/Yuna has to go to the beach…

By: Yasuhiro Kano
Publisher: Viz Media/Shonen Jump Advanced
Age Rating: Teen Plus (16+)
Genre: Comedy/Gender Bender
Price: $7.99

Once the story line is finished, it’s back to the same old stuff that happens in the first volume. This is not a good thing. None of the characters develop, there are no leads to the whereabouts of Yuna, and Rando seems content to just sit around and wait until she comes back. This volume abandons the main premise of the series quite easily for a dollop of fan service, and a splash of cheap laughs. If this manga is going to be character driven, the characters need to do something other than almost get caught for sexual harassment every three pages.

When I first reviewed Pretty Face volume 1, I gushed about the humor, the well designed plot line, and all the different characters. Now, the same things I loved about the previous volume are starting to wear thin very quickly. Without character development, without growth as a series, the story gets stuck in a loop where somehow, and it doesn’t feel like it is going to escape the loop any time soon. The series may turn around in the next volume, but any more of the same shenanigans we’ve seen with this volume, in the next, and the series should be quite unreadable.

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