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Divine Melody Volume 2

September 15, 2009

Cai-Shen tags along with Yun-Shi to his next job and secretly helps him out since he does not realize how hopeless he is at exorcising demons.  However, the exorcism is a trap set up by an old enemy of Cai-Sheng.  Just as Cai-Sheng appears to be in trouble, Zi-Qiu the deity-in-training, comes to her rescue.  Afterwards, she assures Yun-Shi that it is he who had scared the demons away.  On the other hand, Zi-Qiu does not think much of Yun-Shi, and they engage in a heated fight!

Divine Melody 2By Yi Huan
Publisher: DrMaster
Age Rating: 13+
Genre: Romance
Price: $9.99

Even though two hundred years have passed, and Cai-Shen’s powers have grown, in many ways, she has not.  In this second volume, we see just how immature Cai-Shen can be, and the consequences her childish behavior bring now just for herself, but for those around her.

Two hundred years isn’t enough time for a deity to grow up, and we see this in many of Cai-Shen’s actions throughout this volume.  Yun-Shi is sent by his Shifu to find an ingredient to the elixir of immortality, Yun-Shi decides that immortality is not for humans and throws it away, but Cai-Shen, who wants Yun-Shi and Su-Ping to live forever with her, goes after it.  Not for Yun-Shi, but for her own selfish reasons.  Later in the volume she withholds pill for Hui-Niang that will turn her human, because she has decided she loves Hui-Niang, and doesn’t want her to be human.  Like spoiled child, Cai-Shen puts her own needs in front of everyone else, which will lead to serious consequences.

It’s kind of nice to have a title where the protagonist has power, but not the maturity to use it.  Cai-Shen doesn’t know automatically what’s right and what’s wrong and has to make mistakes to learn.  So, she ends up saying and doing things that cause trouble without realizing it.  When she gets wet and has to take her clothes off for them to dry, she doesn’t think her nudity is a problem with Yun-Shi, since she sees them as buddies, not two people of the opposite sex.  And when talking with Yun-Shi about her past, she knows she’s talking about her time with the fox demons and what they want her for.  Yun-Shi, having no idea about any of that, thinks she’s talking of growing up in a brothel, and being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want, which leads to the confrontation with Zi-Qiu.

Even though Cai-Shen is full of good intentions, they tend to pave a road to hell, not heaven, and because of her stubborn and immature nature she can’t see that.  Full of missteps, this second volume seems to be setting Cai-Shen up for the inevitable fall she must experience before learning the folly of her ways.  I enjoyed this second volume as a logical progress from the first.  The art has moments where it looks stiff, but on the whole is still very good.  Divine Melody remains a solid story and a very good read.

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