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Divine Melody Volume 3

September 24, 2009

A demon’s wrecking havoc in Feng Xia neighborhood! While tracking down this demon, Yun-Shi’s shifu ends up at Hui-Niang’s house.  Will she survive this encounter?  Su Ping learns that Cai-Sheng is familiar with the mysterious long-haired man.  Su Ping starts to wonder how they are related.  Wei Zi-Qiu receives an order that if Cai-Sheng is to harm humans, she must be killed.  What will Zi-Qiu do?

Divine melody 3By I-Haun
Publisher: DrMaster Publications
Age Rating: 13+
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Price: $9.95

Cai-Sheng finally starts to realize her faults, but not until after she loses the one must precious to her, Hui-Niang.  Her drive for revenge puts her in potential trouble with heaven, and her naiveté about human relationships puts any relationship between Su Ping and Yun-Shi in peril as well.

I didn’t feel as excited about this volume as I did the first two.  That Cai-Sheng’s selfishness not only cost Hui-Niang her life, but those of her children as well bothered me, and I didn’t really feel anything for her when she took her revenge on Yun-Shi’s shifu.  If she had done what she had promised in the previous volume, they wouldn’t have had to die.  Even though Cai-Sheng realizes her error, she doesn’t seem to learn from it.  Instead she decides to continue to indulge in her selfishness and again offer to help Yun-Shi make the immortality potion, so she won’t have to be alone.

All of her selfishness of course leaves Su Ping out in the cold.  Cai-Sheng goes to her in her male form when he’s injured, but when he is almost discovered, she bales out on Su Ping.  She visits Yun-Shi every day, but never sees Su Ping, and only tells Su Ping that Yun-Shi likes her, but doesn’t do anything to encourage a relationship between them, as she stated she would at the beginning of the story.  Cai-Sheng doesn’t have a clue about the chaos she is causing in Su Ping’s heart, which of course makes her vulnerable to Yu-Niang.

The art of this volume was very stiff, and had little emotion in.  The chapters in this volume really needed an emotional impact, and some of the apathy I felt for the characters may be related to this.  While previous volumes had moments of stiffness, this one had more than usual.

The events in this volume turn the series toward a darker path.  Things have to get worse for Cai-Sheng before they can get better and lead her to a resolution.  The light-heartedness of the first two volumes is gone, and a dark cloud has settled over the title.  Not only has Cai-Sheng’s actions caused trouble for Yun-Shi and Su Ping, but Hui-Niang’s husband has lost his family, and even heaven is ready to kill her if they can’t turn her back onto the path of light.

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