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Sand Chronicles Volume 7

January 26, 2010

Ann’s junior high school reunion is coming up, and she hasn’t seen Daigo in two years.  How will their reunion go?  Then finally the story behind Ann’s engagement.  Who is her fiance…?

Sand Chronicles 7By Hinako Ashihara
Publisher: Viz Media
Age Rating: Older Teen
Genre: Romance/Drama
Price: $9.99

This volume picks up where the series left off in Shojo Beat.  It covers just two time periods in Ann’s life; at age 20, and 26.  At her junior high school reunion, she and Daigo have a heart to heart that leaves her as cold as the winter weather.  And then when she is proposed to, she finds out she more like her mother than she ever thought.

At age 20, Ann and Daigo meet at their junior high school reunion.  Ann is nervous about seeing Daigo again, but he doesn’t seem any different.  They meet after the reunion, and Ann confesses she wrong to break up with him, but Daigo thinks it was right.  Even though it probably wasn’t what he meant, but Daigo’s words live Ann cold and more alone than before.  She makes a promise to herself that sets her on a dark path, though that isn’t apparent yet.

The next chapter brings the series full circle.  It started with Ann packing to go with her fiance to America.  We learn who the fiance is and how they met.  The choice that Ann made back at age 20 comes back to haunt her, and ultimately ends her engagement.  Not a bad thing in my opinion, since the guy was a jerk, but it hits Ann harder than she realizes, and the path that she has started on become more clear.  She starts to retrace the path she took with her mother, leaving the question as to whether she will finish it in the same way.

No series has made me cry more than this one.  The melodrama can be laid on pretty thick, but not so that’s it’s annoying.  It pulls at your heart-strings, sometimes pretty tightly, as Ann hits one brick wall after another.  And every time she hits, you feel that pain.  There are few books out that can really get inside you, but Sand Chronicles is surely one.

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