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Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona are returning to the Kingdom of Clow–and toward an ultimate showdown with the ruthless Fei-Wang Reed. But entering a world that is cut off from time endangers the very existence of the once-happy villagers, as the final story arc of the Tsubasa epic begins!

Review written by Dan Polley
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Age Rating: 13+
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Price: $10.99

The two Syaorans face off while the rest of Princess Sakura’s group until Sakura unexpectedly shows up in the middle of the fight. But one of the Syaorans cannot act how he wants to act. The dream world fight intensifies as both Syaorans vie for the princess’ feather. And then, the unthinkable happens. It’s hard to imagine the outcome of the battle hinging on such a move, yet that is exactly what happens. In flashback form, Fei explains part of his mission and how Princess Sakura and one of the Sayorans factor into the plan. All of this planning and scheming for power that “goes beyond space and time.”

In the aftermath of the fight in the dream world, Sakura and Syaoran begin to understand how the events that have unfolded have brought them to the present and how the present shapes up as a platform to the future. In his arms, Syaoran sees the past float away, and Sakura is taken again. Sakura’s friends try to piece together what has happened and why Sakura acted the way she did previously. But Syaoran will not let anything stand in his way; he vows to retrieve Sakura. He will get her back. But to learn where Sakura has gone, Syaoran must pay a price. Yet that price has already been paid. And somehow, Fei has made it to the Kingdom of Clow, where he sits in a “time removed” and continues to read time and space and manipulate lives. There, he has a body and a soul that allow him to wield such great power.

The subtle swirls and arms of magic are depicted at their best in these volumes as the Syaoran vs. Syaoran battle (with Sakura joining in). And the drama and emotion that fills the fight scene can be felt reverberating through every panel. Later, fragmented images of past events and other universes is excellently conveyed through a series of pages with just images, a testament to the power of the art.

In the 24th volume, the group returns to the Kingdom of Clow, and find that it is not as it seems. Despite the warmth and hospitality by its inhabitants, Clow holds a secret that the group struggles to unravel. To advance in their travels, they will need to figure out just what is wrong. Syaoran insists upon venturing to the ruins, where he reveals something he has long kept secret. There, part of Syaoran and Sakura’s tale is told through flashbacks, which helps to show the interconnectedness of the characters and of Syaoran’s deep wishes for Sakura. From there, he discovers what his destiny is, as those around him are startled by his arrival. Fittingly, the volume ends with Syaoran and Sakura.

As the fallout from the epic battle progresses, it begins to feel more and more like an edge-of-your-seat ride through the past and present, all converging upon themselves.

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