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Mistress Fortune

March 22, 2011

Fourteen-year-old Kisaki Tachikawa has psychic powers. She works for PSI, a secret government agency that fights aliens. She’s in love with her partner Giniro, but PSI won’t allow operatives to get involved. Just when Kisaki thinks she may be getting closer to Giniro, she finds out she is to be transferred to California!

By: Arina Tanemura
Publisher: Viz Media
Age Rating: Young Adult
Genre: Shojo/Romance
Price: $9.99

Arina Tanemura’s Mistress Fortune is a short and sweet one-shot manga about psychic powered teens, Kisiaki Tachikawa and Giniro, . Kisaki Tachikawa is a bubbly teen that just recently started working for a secret psychic government agency that fights extraterrestrial beings who wreak havoc on innocent citizens of Earth! Her partner, Giniro, is a pretty boy who can’t keep his eyes off Kisaki’s bosom for longer than one panel. Kisaki’s powers are still blossoming though Giniro’s are well-developed.

This three chapter one-shot is a nice and quick read since most of the subject matter is light-hearted though intermixed with some tragic past on Giniro’s part. Some of Arina Tanemura’s series are hit and misses for me but I love her one-shots the most. Though three chapters may seem short there are additional bonus side stories that are almost as fun to read as the main story (I quite enjoyed the one centering on Dr. Gunjo the best.) The ebe’s, aliens, looked more like cute plushies than beings that could inflict harm on anyone. They have their own levels and other variables and attributes depending on the ebe’s level (whether it can fly, amount of power in attacks, etc.)

Some of the plot seemed to be too condensed with details of the alien creatures, though cute for the most part, and about the secret psychic agency itself. Since it is a one-shot I didn’t let it get in the way of the enjoyment I had while reading this work by Arina Tanemura. The very end of the third chapter could have used one more page of content in my opinion since it leaves with such a positive revelation that as a reader it left me wanting to know more. Overall Mistress Fortune is a light-hearted shojo one-shot that makes for a quick afternoon read. 


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