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New Releases for 3/30/11

April 2, 2011

As you can see from the list this week (below) there isn’t much to choose from, being a 5th Wednesday in the month. So, instead, we are going to make picks of our favorite manga that makes us laugh. It’s time to smile!

The List:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Campus Apocalypse Volume 3 TP, $10.99

Guardian Hearts Volume 3 GN (Of 8)(resolicited), $19.99

The Picks:

Lori’s Pick: Every I think about a title that makes me laugh, the first one to come to mind is Dinosaur Hour! This all ages title from Viz Media is packed full of laugh out loud moments that both kids and adults can enjoy. From dumb-as-a-brick T-Rexes, to fluffy Velociraptors, this title has the perfect formula to put a smile on our face and keep it there for days to come.

Justin’s Pick: Hands down, the two funniest manga I’ve ever read are the one-volume Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, and the multi-volume (and never finished here in the U.S.) Cromartie High School. Both are absurd and caustic and hilarious, but they also are parodies of typical manga techniques. The first, from back when Viz published PULSE magazine, mocked the obvious storytelling and artistic shortcuts and cliché’s, while Cromartie High School is ostensibly a more traditional shonen school manga–except at every opportunity, creator Eiji Nonaka injects absurd nonsense in to mess with the formula. The funny thing is, he’s never able to break it! Robots, wrestlers, blacksploitation references–they all jumble together and keep the snowball of a ridiculous, and ridiculously funny, story going.

Alex’s Pick: Justin is absolutely right with both of his picks – Cromartie High School is absurdly funny, and Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga is one of the only comic books that have made me cry from laughing so hard. My pick for “favorite manga that makes me laugh” is probably either Yotsuba&! or Chi’s Sweet Home, because each give the opposite side of the spectrum of humorous comics – the humor of both of these manga can be found in the small quiet moments. Watching Yotsuba interact with Dan-bo, the robot, or seeing Chi scared of the bear-like cat just makes me laugh, because they’re true to life moments, but also are just really really funny.

Amy’s Pick: I agree with Alex about Chi’s Sweet Home as it can make me giggle like a little school girl when reading it at times. It makes me laugh and overall have a warm feeling while reading it. So much cuteness in each volume! Whatever my mood may be whenever I crack out a volume I’m guaranteed a few laughs, majority of which are at poor Chi’s expense.

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