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New Releases for 7/13/11

July 16, 2011

In the week before San Diego Comic Con, the list is smaller, but there are still some great books coming out. Viz releases their Shonen Sunday line, as well as the long-awaited Pokemon Black and White. Yen Press releases a few titles including the next High School of the Dead, and Bandai has a one shot with the Code Geass spin-off, Alternate Shogunate.

The List:

Code Geass Alternate Shogunate GN, $10.99

Case Closed Volume 39 GN, $9.99
Cross Game Volume 4 TP, $14.99
Hyde And Closer Volume 5 TP, $9.99
Kurozakuro Volume 5 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Black And White Volume 1 GN (not verified by Diamond), $4.99
Pokemon Black And White Volume 2 GN (not verified by Diamond), $4.99
RIN-NE Volume 6 GN, $9.99
Shonen Jump Volume 9 #8 (August 2011), $4.99

Black God Volume 13 TP, $11.99
High School Of The Dead Volume 3 GN, $13.99
Ichiroh Volume 5 GN, $11.99

The Picks:

Alex’s Pick: We’re right in the middle of baseball season, and while I love to sit back with a cold brew and watch the game, I also love to read a good book. Cross Game, Vol. 4 is a great way for me to get my baseball fix and my reading fix; it’s a sports manga about people, and the impact of love-ones lost have on the surviving. It’s often humorous, sometimes beautiful, and, in rare and fascinating moments, utterly transcendent; this is a comic that all manga readers should have and know.

Justin’s Pick: Yep, listen to Alex. Cross Game has become my new favorite manga. A must read, always delightful, always surprising. Two other old school great series also come out this week: Rin-Ne, where Rumiko Takahashi stays true to form, and Case Closed, as good a mystery series as manga’s got.

Amy’s Pick: My pick for this week is the latest volume of Rumiko Takahashi’s Rin-Ne. I’ve always been a big fan of her works so it’s nice to see yet another volume of Rin-Ne being released this week.

John’s Pick: I don’t get to read it religiously, but every volume of Case Closed I have read has been clever and satisfying. It is nice seeing a worthy series keep chugging along.

Lori’s Pick: I’m really curious about the Code Geass spin-off Alternate Shogunate, but my pick is going to Hyde and Closer v5. It’s a little slow to start, but after the first volume, the story really gets going. If you liked Shaman King this is definitely worth checking out.

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