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New Releases for 9/7/11

September 10, 2011

It’s a new month with a whole new slew of manga to check out! Kodansha makes another strong showing with several volume 1s including the all ages title Animal Land, and the sci-fi title Mardock Scramble. Vertical releases their requisite zombie title Velveteen and Mandala, and Viz releases their monthly wave of shonen and shojo titles including Black Bird, One Piece, Naruto, and the next Pokemon: Black and White.

The List:

Oh My Goddess Volume 39 TP, $10.99

Animal Land Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Bloody Monday Volume 1 GN, $10.99  **Weekly PIck**
Cage Of Eden Volume 1 GN, $10.99  **Weekly PIck**
Gon Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Mardock Scramble Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Until The Full Moon Volume 1 GN, $10.99

Velveteen And Mandala GN, $16.95  **Weekly PIck**

Art Of Vampire Knight HC (not verified by Diamond), $24.99
Black Bird Volume 10 GN, $9.99
Bleach Volume 36 TP, $9.99
Butterflies Flowers Volume 8 GN, $9.99
Death Note Black Edition Volume 5 TP, $14.99
Dengeki Daisy Volume 6 GN, $9.99
Grand Guignol Orchestra Volume 4 TP, $9.99
Kekkaishi 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP, $14.99  **Weekly PIck**
Kimi ni Todoke From Me To You Volume 10 GN, $9.99
La Corda d’Oro Volume 14 TP, $9.99
Library Wars Love And War Volume 6 GN, $9.99
Naruto 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP (contains volumes 7-9 of Naruto), $14.99
Naruto Volume 52 Cell Seven Reunion TP, $9.99
One Piece Volume 58 TP (not verified by Diamond), $9.99
Oresama Teacher Volume 4 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Black & White Volume 3 GN, $4.99
Shonen Jump Volume 9 #10 (October/November 2011), $4.99
Toriko Volume 6 GN, $9.99
Ultimo Volume 6 GN, $9.9

The Picks:

Justin’s Pick: After months of doling out titles in ones and twos, Kodansha really explodes with six number ones, including reprinting the classic (by American standards, because it was released here in the nineties) Gon. But I’m most intrigued by Velveteen & Mandala. I trust Vertical as a publisher, and the painted cover has piqued my interest.

John’s Pick: I am going to have to disagree with Justin this week. Velveteen & Mandala sounds great (high school girls fighting zombies) but doesn’t deliver a lot more than confusing dialog, undead sausage, and a couple super gross out scenes. I am looking forward to seeing Cage of Eden.

Alex’s Pick: One of the series I think I’ve unfairly ignored to date is Viz Media’s Kekkaishi, and this week I get the chance to try out three volumes for the price of two with the 3-in-1 edition. I’ve heard the series really develops well, so this will give me a chance to read a little bit deeper and see if it is a series I could read for 40 volumes.

Lori’s Pick: It’s a shojo paradise from Viz with Library Wars, Degenki Daisy and Kimi ni Todoke all releasing new volumes this week. But my most anticipated volume is Bloody Monday from Kodansha. It’s a mystery thriller with hacking, religious cults, government conspiracies, and a deadly virus. It looks crazy fun!

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