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New Releases for 10/19/11

October 23, 2011

Another short list, but at least with more than one publisher. Just in time for Halloween, Dark Horse releases the next volume in the gory horror title Gantz, and Vertical reaches the penultimate volume of the Tezuka classic Black Jack. And Viz has the next volume of their uncensored Tenjo Tenge omnibus.

The List:

Gantz Volume 19 TP, $12.99
Gate 7 Volume 1 TP, $10.99  **Weekly Pick**

Gon Volume 2 GN (Kodansha Edition), $10.99

Black Jack Volume 16 TP (by Osamu Tezuka), $16.95

Afterschool Charisma Volume 4 TP, $12.99  **Weekly Pick**
Kingyo Used Books Volume 4 TP, $12.99
Tenjo Tenge Volume 3 GN, $17.99

The Picks:

Alex’s Pick: It’s a short list this week, but there are some goodies here – Gate 7, Vol. 1 comes to mind right away, but we also can’t neglect Afterschool Charisma, which is a really solid sci-fi thriller. I’m happy to get volumes of both of theses series this week.

Lori’s Pick: Haven’t read a lot of CLAMP, but their new title, Gate 7 does sound interesting. If nothing else, it has beautiful art which should make it worth the price of admission. And I can’t resist a good supernatural series.

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