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New Releases for 12/7-14/11

December 18, 2011

Two weeks worth of manga can make for a lot of hard choices, especially with such strong titles as Veritcal’s releases. How can you choose between the final Black Jack and Princess Knight and the second volume of No Longer Human? Viz has quite the long list with releases from all their lines with new volumes of Bleach, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Maoh: Juvenile Remix and I’ll Give It My All…Tomorrow, as well as the debut of a new Shojo Beat series, Dawn of the Arcana.

The List:

At Full Moon Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Deltora Quest Volume 3 GN, $10.99
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex Volume 2 GN, $10.99
Shugo Chara Chan Volume 1 GN, $10.99

Blood Alone Volume 5 GN, $11.99  **Weekly Pick**
Vampire Cheerleaders Volume 2 GN, $10.99

Black Jack Volume 17 TP (by Osamu Tezuka)(resolicited), $16.95  **Weekly Pick**
No Longer Human Volume 2 GN, $10.95
Princess Knight Volume 2 GN (by Osamu Tezuka), $13.95  **Weekly Pick**

Bakuman Volume 8 TP,$9.99  **Weekly Pick**
Bleach Volume 37 TP, $9.99
Blue Exorcist Volume 5 GN, $9.99  **Weekly Pick**
D.Gray-man Illustrations SC, $21.99
Dawn Of The Arcana Volume 1 TP, $9.99  **Weekly Pick**
Grand Guignol Orchestra Volume 5 TP (Of 5), $9.99  **Weekly Pick**
I’ll Give It My All Tomorrow Volume 4 TP, $12.99
Kamisama Kiss Volume 6 TP, $9.99
Naruto Volume 53 TP, $9.99
Nura Rise Of The Yokai Clan Volume 6 GN, $9.99
One Piece Volume 59 TP, $9.99
Ouran High School Host Club Volume 17 TP, $9.99
Sakura Hime The Legend Of Princess Sakura Volume 5 GN, $9.99
Shonen Jump Volume 10 #1 (January 2012), $4.99
Arata The Legend Volume 8 TP, $9.99
House Of Five Leaves Volume 5 TP, $12.99
Itsuwaribito Volume 4 GN, $9.99
Kekkaishi Volume 29 GN, $9.99
Maoh Juvenile Remix Volume 8 TP, $9.99
Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Volume 18 GN, $12.99
Natsume’s Book Of Friends Volume 10 TP, $9.99
Slam Dunk Volume 19 GN, $9.99
Toriko Volume 7 GN, $9.99

Bamboo Blade Volume 11 TP, $11.99
Higurashi When They Cry Volume 16 Atonement Arc Part 2 GN, $11.99
K-ON Volume 4 GN, $11.99
Maximum Ride The Manga Volume 5 TP $12.99

The Picks:

John’s Pick: I can’t go this far and not give the love to Black Jack. This long series has been one of, if not the best long series I have been following.

Alex’s Pick: We missed a week, and now my wallet is starting to hurt again. New volumes of Bakuman and Blue Exorcist are my digital purchases this time around, and I’ll be picking up the second volume of Princess Knight, as well as the latest volume of 20th Century Boys. Also of note, I’m tentatively interested in Viz Media’s new shojo series, Dawn of The Arcana.

Amy’s Pick: Though there is plenty to choose from Viz Media I’m stoked at Seven Sea’s release of the latest volume of Blood Alone. Out of all titles that have either been rescued or re-released in 2011 this one tops my list. I didn’t think I’d have the chance to pick up this series again so I’m excited that it’s getting a second chance to shine.

Connie’s Pick:  I also have to tip my hat towards Black Jack.  It’s been a fun few years, and I’ll really miss my regular dose of the bizarre that was sure to come with each volume.  I love the cover on volume 17, too, a wonderful choice for the last volume.  And for something new, I’m going to have to go with Dawn of the Arcana.  It’s exactly the type of shoujo fantasy series I love to read.

Lori’s Pick: These choices would have been so much easier if they’d been split up. Deltora Quest, and Ghost in Shell Stand Alone Complex from Kodansha and the final Black Jack from Veritcal. But it’s that long list from Viz that really hits the pocketbook! House of Five Leaves, Natsume’s Book of Friends and Bakuman are all on my buy list. But I’ll give my pick to Kaori Yuki’s Grand Guignol Orchestra which ends this month. Her endings can be just as wild as the ride that get’s you there! I can’t wait to read it!

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