This title has not been solicited in Previews!  I’ve been watching!  Waiting!!  It’s the last volume!!!  Aw, come on Tokyopop!  You got my hopes up by putting up this late last year, and now…what?  Will it come out, or won’t it?  Why do you enjoy torturing me like this?! I don’t care what kind of paper it’s printed on.  I don’t care if it’s only available to read online.  Just tell me the truth!  Can you or can’t you?  Will you or won’t you?  Why do you continue with these teasings?  Why are you so cruel?!?!??!   WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYY?????!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Liars!”

  1. I’m sick of waiting, too. I’m sure I’ve waited over a year for the next volume of Life. 🙁 They’re only up to volume 9 and its a 20 volume series. 🙁

  2. I hate to see this happening also. TOKYOPOP has put so many of their titles on hold or extended publishing cycle. I do hope this spotlight might get them to conclude this one series.

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