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Kumoricon, Portland, Oregon’s anime/manga/all thins J-popish was this last weekend.  John Thomas, a local and reviewer for Comics Village, was there for two of the three days and gave reports on the announcements, mostly from Dark Horse, as they are also local to the area.  The big announcement from Kumoricon though came from Jason Thompson.  His magnum opus, Manga: The Complete Guide will continue online.  Starting September 15, a new review of a series will go up once a day for 365 days (that’s one year) at  Jason will also be giving away 5 manga a day to some lucky commentor a day.  Go here for all the detials.

Mein Kampf – The Manga

Yes, Hitler’s manifesto has not only been published as a manga, but has sold over 45,000 copies according to Japanese publisher East Press.  While the debate over whether the title should be made available in Germany is interesting and fraught with political and social ramifications, what I find more interesting is East Press’ line Manga de Dohuka, that this title was published under.  It is a series of 43 volumes (so far) of famous works adapted into manga.   When I read about it, it reminded me of Cliff Notes (or Sparks Notes as they’re know now).  I probably could have read the manga version of The Brothers Karamozov.  I never finished it in High School.  Some publisher who wants to get to the AP High School or College market should look into this series.

Is It or Isn’t It?

Lissa Pattillo, the queen of Amazon Advance Solicitations found a listing for Chi’s Sweet Home coming from Vertical.  This news was really exciting for a few minutes until Ed Chavez, Marketing Director for Vertical denied it on Twitter.  So that leaves fans with the question: is this a legit advanced solicitation or not?  It appears on both and  Was the whole thing  mistake?  Or was the wrong name put for the publisher?  Conspiracy theories could sprout from this easily.  Maybe there will be some answers at NYCC, which is coming up at the beginning of October.  Chi’s Sweet Home would be a terrific title to get, so I hope someone cops to it soon.

Seven Seas Manga on the Kindle

Seven Seas, the small manga publisher that still does a lot of OEL manga, has put three titles out for the Kindle and Kindle for the iPhone app.  They are all OEL titles, two of which were debut titles for the publsiher; Amazing Agent Luna and Aoi House.  Arkam Woods is a new OEL based on the H.P. Lovecraft universe.  This isn’t too surprising of a step for Seven Seas, since they already made some of their titles available on the  Sony PSP.  I just wonder what took them so long.  What is surprising is that they haven’t put them on the Sony E-Reader.  If you’re going to put these out, put them everywhere!

A CPM Manhwa Rescued

Found via Twitter. @swanjun caught this. Netcomics has picked up the license for Full House, a manhwa created by the same author as another of their titles, Let Dai.  The first chapter is available to read for free online.  This is the first title we’ve heard of returning from the manga side of CPM since their bankruptcy.  We’ve heard plenty about their anime titles, but the manga seems to have been swept by the wayside.  Hopefully we will get more of these little surprises.

CLAMP’s Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Ending?

Found via Twitter.  It’s been announced on Chibi Yuuto’s Livejournal blog, but not reported anywhere else, so I’m gonna call this a rumor for now.  You can go to the journal entry and check it for yourself.  The teaser at the end of chapter 231 is a bit vague to me.  But, I don’t read Tusbasa: Reservoir Chronicle so I can’t really say one way of the other.

NYT Best Selling Manga List

This week’s list has a new #1, and it’s not Naruto or a shojo.  Bleach vol 28 jumps straight to the top with it’s debut this week.  #2-4 just moved down a spot and maintaining their order of Vampire Knight v0l 8, Naruto vol 45, and Fruits Basket vol 23Black Bird vol 1 falls back a spot to #6 so Rosario + Vampire vol 8 can move back up to #5.  Other newcomers include Shaman King vol 24 at # 7 and SA vol 12 at #10.  Ninja Girls vol 1, Del Rey’s lone title on the list now holds on at #8, falling two from last week.  Once again it’s a 70/30 split in Viz’s favor.  X-Men: Misfits is holding on to the #9 position over on the Graphic Novel list.

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