Horror MMF: Ghost-busting

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you can call on these ghost-busting manga titles to help you through the night.

Ghost Hunt is based on a light novel series and follows Mai Taniyama as she becomes involved with the Shibuya Psychic Research center and it’s manager Kazuya Shibuya, a paranormal researcher, who she nicknames Naru due to her perceiving him as narcissistic. They are joined by Lin Kojo, Naru’s assistant and onmyoji, and several other spiritualists. Hosho Takigawa, Buddist monk, Ayako Matsuzaki, Shinto miko, John Brown, Catholic Priest, and Masako Hara, spirit medium. Together, they take on cases of hauntings and work to exorcise the spirits. The stories can get very creepy, while the interaction of the ensemble cast keeps things from getting too dark.

Yurara is about a high school girl of the same name, with spiritual powers that she can’t control yet. She has a guardian spirit that possesses her when she is threatened by evil spirits. She meets two boy, Mei who uses fire to burn spirits and Yako who uses water to create spiritual barriers. Yurara becomes involved in a unusal love triangle with Mei and Yako. This series is short at only 5 volumes, with many of the ghosts appearing at school. Mei and Yako are opposite with makes for some good interactions, as does Guardian Spirit Yurara’s sharp tongue.

Rasetsu is a sequel to Yurura. It follows Yako who becomes a librarian after graduation. He goes to an exorcist company to get a curse removed from a book and gets pulled in to working for the company. Part of his incentive is the girl who is working there, Rasetsu, is the spitting image of Guardian Spirit Yurara. Rasetsu has until she turns 20 to find true love, or else she will be taken by an evil spirit. The hauntings are a little darker in this series than Yurara, and Rasetsu has definitely had it harder. She takes after GS Yurara in more than just looks though. She has her sharp tongue, making her interactions with Yako just as entertaining.

Mail centers around Reiji Akiba, a private eye who takes on cases that deal with ghosts. His weapon of choice is a special gun called Kagutsuchi, that uses hallowed bullets. By shooting at the ghosts, they are sealed in the bullets which are later cleasened at a shrine. All of the chapters in this 3 volume series are stand-alones, without any overarching plot. Though a few go into Akiba’s backstory. This series can also be rather gory, so be warned.

Bleach follows Ichigo Kurosagi, a teenager with strong supernatural powers. A run in with Shinigami Rukia lands him with half of her powers, giving him the ability to leave his body and stop spirits known as Hollows, lonely ghosts who turn evil and prey on other spirits and humans. The first six volumes of the series deal mainly with Ichigo fighting hollows before it turns into a standard shonen fighting manga. So for ghost-busting action, just check out these, in the new, convenient 3-in-1 volumes.

Rin-ne is about another Shinigami, Rin-ne. He is only half-shinigami, but due to debt left to him by his grandmother and father, he lives in constant poverty. He must help souls to the Wheel of Incarnation so he can earn the bounty that goes against his debt. This series is more of a comedy than serious horror, so Rin-ne’s busting tends to have a humorous twist, but since it is Rumiko Takahashi, then the demons and spirits will look really cool.

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