Weekly Top Ten – April 18, 2015

Weekly Top Ten Manga

Every week, the New York Times and Amazon posts the top ten bestselling books. The New York Times gets their numbers from print sales from retailers, while Amazon and Vizmanga.com calculates their own numbers. Once a month the Nielsen Bookscan posts their top twenty graphic novels of which manga is included. Offered here is a listing of these books with their status this week compared with the previous week, and some way-off analysis of the activity.



New York Times Bestseller List for the week ending April 11, 2015.

  1. One Piece 74 One Piece Vol 74     ∗
  2. Big Hero Six Vol 1     ↔
  3. Attack on Titan Vol 15     ↓ 2
  4. Fairy Tail Vol 47     ↑ 2
  5. Soul Eater Vol 25     ↓ 2
  6. Food Wars! Vol 5     ∗
  7. Assassination Classroom Vol 3     ∗
  8. Attack on Titan Before The Fall Vol 4     ↓ 4
  9. Attack on Titan Vol 1     ↓ 4
  10. Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Vol 3     ↓ 1

The mighty titans are unseated by a bunch of pirates! One Piece Vol 74 debuts in the top spot this week. Big Hero Six Vol 1 keeps itself at #2 for its third week. While Attack on Titan Vol 15 falls two, it is met by the wizards of Fairy Tail Volume 47 moving up the same amount. Soul Eater‘s final volume, 25, also falls two, but it still has hope of moving back up. The other titan titles Vol 1 and Before The Fall Vol 4 lose some of the sail Vol 15 gave them, but after 93 weeks on the list, I don’t see Vol 1 falling off any time soon or for very long.



Amazon.com for the week ending April 18, 2015.

  1. Attack on Titan 15Attack on Titan Vol 15     ↔
  2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon Novel Vol 1     ↑ 4
  3. Attack on Titan Vol 1     ↔
  4. Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past     ↔
  5. Berserk Vol 1     ↓ 4
  6. Log Horizon Novel Vol 1     ∗
  7. 12 Beast Vol 1     ∗
  8. Akame ga Kill! Vol 2     ∗
  9. Deadman Wonderland Vol 8     ∗
  10. Sword Art Online Aincrad Novel Vol 2     ↵

Amazon.com’s list shows some static volumes, while there is a majority turn over. Both Attack on Titan volumes and Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past hold the ground. Yen Press gets two new volumes up with the first light novel of Log Horizon and the second volume of Akame ga Kill!. Seven Seas introduces their newest cast of monster girls with 12 Beast Vol 1, and Viz Media’s Deadman Wonderland just squeaks by at #9. Berserk‘s odd resurgence continues with only Vol 1 hanging on, but Vols 2-3 still made the top 20.

Viz Digital


Vizmanga for the week of April 6, 2015.

  1. Assassination Classroom 3Assassination Classroom Vol 3
  2. One Piece Vol 74
  3. World Trigger Vol 5
  4. Dengeki Daisy Vol 16
  5. Toriko Vol 27
  6. My Love Story Vol 4
  7. Library Wars Vol 13
  8. Skip Beat! Vol 34
  9. Toriko Vol 1
  10. Toriko Vol 6

Vizmanga makes a rare appearance with a top ten list this week. Assassination Classroom Vol 3 beats out One Piece Vol 74 in the digital realm. Toriko got three volumes on the list, but with three different bundles running, it’s not surprising, though I would have expected Vol 1 to be higher. Dengeki Daisy‘s final volume, 16,  charted respectably, coming in at #4, with fellow shojo titles My Love Story, Library Wars and Skip Beat! not so far behind.



Nielson Bookscan for the month of March 2015.

1. Naruto 69Naruto Vol 69     ∗
5. Attack on Titan Vol 15     ∗
6. Monster Musume Vol 6     ∗
14. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Vol 7     ∗
17. Attack on Titan Vol 1     ↓ 4

It’s a whole new list, almost, on the Nielson Bookscan for March. The total titles almost double with the latest Naruto takes its place at the top with the next closest title being the newest Attack on Titan coming in at #5. It’s followed closely by the monster girls of Monster Musume. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds is the strongest Yu-Gi-Oh! titles since the original with volume 7 coming in at #14, and Attack on Titan vol 1 holds on at the bottom of the list after falling four from February.

∗ = New Release
↑ = Title moved up specified # of spots
↓ = Title moved down specified # of spots
↔ = Title didn’t moved from previous week
↵ = Title returned after dropping off list with total # of weeks (when available)

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