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This Week in Manga: 10/16-10/29/10

Another weekend sick meant missing a week of news. Whatever is going around really sucks. My whole department at work was coughing and sneezing all week. Hopefully this post will make up for my absence. We’ve got new licenses, movie plans, the return of aggregators, “big” changes, more NYCC/NYAF, and some trick or treating from around the mangasphere.

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This Week in Manga: 10/9-10/15/10

Comic Con East Con’t

Saturday at NYCC/NYAF brought more manga panels. First was Yen Press. They didn’t have any confirmations of Japanese licenses that they could announce, but then did have two new OEL titles. Staying with the Young Adult titles, they will be releasing adaptations of Soulless: An Alexa Tarabotti Novel and Wizard and Witch, another James Patterson novel. The latter will have Sveltlana Chmakova of Nightschool doing the art. They also announced they would be publishing the final volume of With the Light, which includes material by Keiko Tobe from before she passed away. Yen also announced they would be releasing manga digitally on the iPad exclusively. I wasn’t impressed with that bit of news. Attendees’ questions included license rescues and slow release times. Kuri-ousity has full coverage and has details.

Vertical was next with Marketing Director Ed Chavez leading the panel. They had two license announcements with a third in the works but not confirmed yet. The first was Book of Human Insects, a Osamu Tezuka title and the other is No Longer Human, another Furuya Usamaru title. Both deal with characters who try not to be themselves and have some pretty heavy themes. I agree with one twitter comment I saw. How about some lighthearted titles? Adult drama is nice and all, but how about something to make me smile instead of put down to find a smile? Veritcal is also going to start releasing books for children. I guess Chi is doing well by them. Of course the perennial question of a Princess Knight license came up in the question session. Vertical had no digital announcements, though they mentioned Astro Boy app for iPhone which features several Tezuka titles and is completely pointless for the non-apple fanboy. You can get full coverage of the panel at Kuri-ousity, and more details at

He Giveth and He Taketh Away

A few days after NYCC/NYAF, Vertical had the sad task of announcing that one of their license announcements at the con was premature. Due to a miscommunication, the Furuya Usamaru title No Longer Human is actually still in negotiations and not slated for publication. I certainly hope this error doesn’t affect Vertical’s negotiation with the licensor.  While No Longer Human isn’t a title I’m looking forward to, I don’t want to see a good, well-meaning company like Vertical to be punished for it.

Knows No Bounds

Tokyopop continues its own digital strategy by getting its titles on other publisher’s platforms. First it was Sony and it’s e-reader, then it was Zinio, Overdrive and Comixology. Now, you can get some Tokyopop titles on DMP’s 12 of their BL titles from their BLU line are now available for purchase for less than half their cover price. Of course these aren’t available for download. You have to read them online and it won’t work with any device that can’t use flash (ie iPhone/iPad/smart phones, etc). I have to say I do like that Tokyopop is getting their titles spread around on lots of different platforms. And it seems that they are thinking about the audience as they choose the platform. BLU titles on eManga is perfect, since most of DMP titles are BL titles as well.

NYT Best Seller List

More changes abound on this week’s list. First, Twilight continues to hang on to the Hardback list, falling to the bottom at #10. And there’s a new entry on the Paperback list. Del Rey’s adaptation of Dean Kootz’s Odd Is On Our Side, illustrated by OEL manga creator Queenie Chan jumps in at #1. Over on the Manga list, the orange-clad ninja takes back his crown from the pretty boy countries as Naruto vol 49 debuts at #1. The yokai take over #2 with Black Bird vol 6. It’s futuristic card games with Yu-Gi-Oh GX vol 5 at #3 and those pretty boy countries in Hetalia Axis Powers vol 1 fall back to #4. Pirates run wild at #5 with One Piece vol 55, and it’s flowery love at #6 with Dengeki Daisy vol 2. The winged-friends of Maximum Ride vol 3 fall back 2 to #7, while flower stoppers debut at #8 with Stepping On Roses vol 3. It’s not dancing vampire pastries, but Dance in the Vampire Bund vol 8 falling 7 to #9 and the crazy ninjas of Berserk vol 34 also fall 7 to #10. One half of the list is Viz debut releases with all the usual suspects taking their usual spots. It’s good though to see Tokyopop, Seven Seas, and Dark Horse hold on to spots after the Viz invasion. With a small release list this week we’ll have to see if any of the non-Viz titles can climb back up, or if any of the usual one-week wonders can hold on longer.

This Week at Manga Village

PR: Viz Media Debuts Gothic Creeper Grand Guignol Orchestra in October

Though I was slow to get on the Kaori Yuki bandwagon back when Angel Sanctuary came out, her titles such as The Cain Saga and Godchild have since convinced me how great her work is. So hearing that another one of her titles had been licensed thrilled me. That it features musician thrilled me even more. Find out more after the break.

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This Week in Manga: 9/11-9/24/10

Due to illness, I was unable to do a roundup last week, so this week combines the two weeks. So what’s in store? More licenses found and announced from Viz and Vertical, several digital manga stories, some news from Japan and Korea, 2 weeks worth of best seller lists, podcasts and the Manga Village roundup.

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This Week in Manga: 8/28-9/3/10

Manga Movable Feast: Kid’s Table

This month’s Manga Movable Feast started this week and doesn’t feature just one title. It’s actually about all all ages titles, with Yotsuba&! as the focus, as well as another all ages title mainly just so the pun “Yotsuba & …” could be used. Thank Ed Sizemore of the Manga Worth Reading blog for that. It’s being hosted this time at the Good Comics For Kids blog, which specializes in news, reviews, articles and interviews about and with the people who make manga and comics for kids 16 and under. The introduction article is here, and the archive is here. Interestingly, a lot of the reviews and articles are about how Yotsuba&! isn’t really a kid’s title. I myself didn’t see it appealing much to a kid, but I think that’s because the appeal I found in it was the way it reminded me of my kids at that age. But if kids are anything, they are surprising. Check out the links for reviews of Yotsuba&! and other all ages manga.

Rolling Out Online Manga

Deb Aoki of spoke with Crunchyroll CEO Kun Gao to get the low down on Cruchyroll’s announcement of capital from Japanese cell phone publisher Bitway. What he had to say won’t get fans hopes up too high for a “Crunchyroll for manga”.  Cruchyroll is working with Bitway in a technology role, not publisher, so don’t expect to see Bleach or Naruto manga on the anime streaming site. One thing that would be nice to come out of this move though would be uniform platform for reading manga. Right now, everyone who is hosting manga legitimately is using different systems and different readers that can be platform specific. And in this world where the web is the platform, being told your Mac or Windows Mobile phone won’t work will make a lot of manga readers unhappy.  Theses different platforms can also make reading online frustrating. After weeks of seemless reading on eManga, the load times on Viz’s SigIkki were downright agonizing. I could only read three chapters where I can usually read twice that on eManga. It made reading a title I enjoy downright painful, and that’s not what digital manga should be about.

One Piece takes 4 week break; Oda takes 1

It was recently announced that One Piece will be taking a 4 week hiatus from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.  There’s no reason given, but considering Oda has only taken occassional 1 week breaks over the life of the title, which started in the same year my 13-year-old daughter was born, I think he’s entitled to a month off. He’s certainly not like mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi who works for maybe 4 weeks and then takes years off.  But, apparently, Oda is a workaholic. After only one week, he’s back to work according to this tweet. If anyone has a link or can do a direct translation, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve just started working on colors in Japanese. Maybe he’s just really excited to get some great stuff to us readers.

Is It A Curse?

The Harveys, the comic world version of the Academy Awards were announced at the Baltimore Comic Con. The category of Best American of Foreign Material was heavy once again with Naoki Urasawa manga, but was denied again as the award went to The Art of Osamu Tezuka by Helen McCarthy. The book, an overview of the life and work of Osamu Tezuka, is the most complete available in english. It’s a must have for any fan of Tezuka, or anyone interested in the history of manga. But Urawasa, who had two titles nominated this year, one co-incidentally based on an Osaum Tezuka story, was just shut out. This seems to be a disturbing pattern with Urasawa and American awards. By the rules of chance, he’s got to win eventually?  Right?

NYT Best Seller List

It’s a twister Auntie Em!  The best seller list for manga gets mixed up but not a lot of change. Starting on the hardback list, Twilight has dug into #6 and seems determined to stay there. Over on the manga list, Maximum Ride vol 3 holds on to the #1 spot. Naruto vol 48 makes it’s move back up to #2 and Rosario + Vampire: Season II vol 2 and Black Bird vol 5 keep up their buddy system by taking #3 and #4. Bakuman vol 1 moves up to take over #5 while the only new comer to the list, Chi’s Sweet Home vol 2 debuts at #6. Yeah for kitties! Negima! Magister Negi Magi vol 27 falls back two to #7 while D.Gray-man vol 18 holds on to #8. Spots #9 and #10 remain the same as well with Vampire Knight vol 10 and Black Butler vol 2 holding on.

NYT: Second Opinion

We’ve got two second opinions now! First if from Matt Blind at Rocketbomber:

1. Maximum Ride 3
Naruto 48
Rosario+Vampire Season II 2
Black Bird 5
5. Bleach Color Bleach+: The Official Bootleg
6. Negima! 27
7. Fullmetal Alchemist 23
8. Vampire Knight 10
9. Ouran High School Host Club 14
10. Maximum Ride 1

The top four still hold true between Matt’s and the NYT’s. Matt keeps Fullmetal Alchemist around and adds Ouran High School Host Club. Now Mangacast has posted the Book Scan numbers for this same week, and that give us:

  1. Maximum Ride vol 3
  2. Naruto vol 48
  3. Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl vol  7
  4. Rosario+Vampire II vol 3
  5. Black Bird vol 5
  6. BakuMan. vol 1
  7. Negima! vol 27
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist vol 23
  9. Black Butler vol 1
  10. Black Butler vol 2

The Book Scan list has more in common with the NYT list than the Amazon/B&N numbers, it only agrees with the top two spots, and it adds Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl to the mix. The interesting thing about seeing all three of these lists now is that you can be pretty sure about the top two titles, as well as the top five titles if not order. The differences are small, usually only by a title or two. I think that’s fairly significant.

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