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Manga Dome Podcast Episode 4: All News All the Time

This week I take a look some news items; Square Enix shutting down their manga service site, New licenses from Yen Press and Seven Seas Entertainment, some new digital manga coming to the Vizmanga site, and the top-selling manga in March and April according to Nielson’s Bookscan service.

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Square Enix E-manga Service Shutdown
Yen Press License: Bloody Cross
Thermae Romae on Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle
New Manga on
Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses: Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea Party & Alice Love Fables
Nielson Bookscan Top Selling manga for March and April

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This Week in Manga: Vertical and Viz Add New Titles


FromtheNewWorld1Vertical just doesn’t seem to know when to quit! At their panel at Genericon in Troy, NY they announced two more titles to come out at the end of this year. Pink is a one-volume title that follows Vertical’s determination to be different. It is about Yumi, a girl who balances her time between work, love, her pet crocodile and her night life as a prostitute to feed said crocodile. Like so many of Vertical titles, this one sounds quirky, but I don’t know if it’s for me. I’ll have to give it a “wait and see” for now. Also announced was From the New World, an adaptation of a novel by the same name. It is 100 years in the future and 5 kids have been raised in a town described as a utopia. But when they learn the truth of the world outside, they throw themselves into danger to save their friends and the world itself. Readers have been asking Vertical to license the novel, but maybe this will tide them over. I’m kind of interested in this, especially since there’s been a lot of talk about the anime which is streaming on Crunchyroll currently. I’ll give it a “can’t wait.”

Pokemon KyuremFor readers with kids and/or fans of Pokemon, Viz has announced they will release the tie-in manga for the new Pokemon movie, Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice. Not a big surprise I know, but don’t write off these tie-ins. They can be pretty good. This title continues the anime’s adventures in Black and White’s world of Unova. It will be out next week on March 5. They also announced they would be continuing Pokemon Adventures with the first volume of HeartGold SoulSilver, due out in August. The Pokemon Adventures series is moving fast to catch up with Japan. And for those who could wait to read the manga adventures in Black and White, Viz has announced that it will be re-releasing the series in full volume sizes. So if you like your bookshelf balanced, now is the time to pick them up. The first volume will be out in July.

Saint Seiya OmegaOver in Japan, another new Saint Seiya manga series will be starting. Based on the new anime Saint Seiya Omega, the manga adaptation will cover the new arc set to start in the anime starting in April. The series takes places several years after the original Saint Seiya and features a whole new cast of characters as the Bronze Knights protecting Athena/Saya. This arc will feature a new villain, Pallas, a goddess with a deep hatred for Athena, and her own army of warriors, the Parasites with their own armor, “chonotector” which allows them to manipulate time. It will also introduce a new cloth bearer, Subaru, who will fight alongside Koga, the new Pegasus. This will be the fourth new manga series based on the original Saint Seiya. I loved the original Saint Seiya and would love to read all the new ones they’ve been releasing! Do Want!

Jigoku Shoujo REnding in Japan this month is the sequel series to Hell Girl, Hell Girl R. It is about Enma Ai, a girl who, if you catch her website, you can request to send someone to hell, but the price is that your soul will go to hell as well. Del Rey manga released all 9 volumes of the first series. It’s a great tween title filled with lots of melodrama and terrible people getting their comeuppance. This second series went 10 volumes. The first series didn’t sell so well, but I liked it, and would love to see this series as well. Do Want!





Millennium Snow Returns

Here’s some really good news. Millennium Snow, a manga series by Bisco Hatori of Ouran High School Host Club fame, is returning to the pages of Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine. Hatori last worked on this series back in 2002, and the 9 existing chapters were collected into two volumes. Viz Media was smart enough to bring it over back in 2007. I really enjoyed those two volumes with the only problem being that it was too short! I had hoped that there would be more chapters. I felt there was so much more to learn about these characters. And now it looks like my wish might be coming true! I sure hope Viz Media still has the license to this so we can get these new volumes when they come out collected. Of course, getting them digitally would be just as good.


PR: Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Covered

I’ve been a fan of Shonen Jump ever since it came out in 2002 (technically), and still have every single issue. I admit I have mixed feelings about this move to digital. The good: don’t have to store all those magazines anymore. The bad: can’t just pick it up and read it anywhere. But, I’ll stick with this first year of digital and see if I can keep up.

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Some Wine for the Princess

Vertical is a publisher that never fails to surprise, or deliver. Whenever licensing time comes up, Marketing Director Ed Chavez would get on Twitter and ask for license requests. In variably, there would be several people who would pipe up with Princess Knight, Osamu Tezuka’s first shojo, and invaribly, Ed would shoot the request down. Now we know why. On Anime News Network’s AnnCast, Ed was a guest where he announced not one, but two licenses, one of which was the oft-requested Princess Knight. The other was Drops of God, a wine manga that has been getting some press in the media for the affect it can have on a wine’s price that is featured in the title. It was hinted at last April by the creators that the manga had been licensed in the US, but no publisher had stepped up. Now we know why.

I have to give Ed a lot of credit. He has quite the poker face/text. From his tweets in the last wrong, I got the distinct impression that Princess Knight was off the table as a request. He had said they were working on a Tezuka license, but with his catalog, that could mean just about anything! From the reaction to the news when it broke on twitter, I don’t think anyone suspected Vertical would get either of these titles! That is being a good marketing manager. Vertical really scored when they got Ed for that position.

I myself am looking forward to Princess Knight. I read the preview that was run in Shojo Beat for it’s 5(?) anniversary, and I really liked it. It definitely has a lot of merit beyond its historical significance. Drops of God….I’m not so sure about. I don’t drink wine. I have no interest in wine, so a manga devoted to going out and finding the 13 best wines doesn’t sound all that interesting. But, I’ve been wrong before. Most of the praise that it has gotten is for its detail about the wines, but according to one twitter-er, the title is written by the same time as writes Bloody Monday, another title that I’m really looking forward to, so this is a wait and see.

For more information about these two titles, check out the license requests by David Welsh.

Half Way There

Back in 2009, I wrote a post expressing my desire to see the manga series Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro licensed after its end was announced in Japan, based on the anime series from 2007.  It’s been a long 4 years, hoping and waiting for that announcement that said I would finally get to read the adventures of my favorite demon detective, and now I believe we are half way to that point. Viz Media has confirmed that the anime will begin streaming on the website in February.

Why does this give me hope of a manga license? Look at the last time Viz started streaming an anime; Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. They streamed nearly the whole series before they announced the license of the manga, officially. What did Viz say when asked about Neuro? It’s “not on the schedule through September”. That doesn’t mean it won’t be announced though. Con season is starting to gear up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neuro isn’t one of the licenses announced at San Diego Comic Con, assuming a listing for it isn’t found for it before then. Anime licenses have been a good gauge of manga licenses for the last several years, especially with Yen Press. I sincerely hope it becomes the same gauge at Viz. I REALLY WANT this series!!!!

PR: End of an Era

It’s been a long time coming for this, the final volume of Inuyasha. I remember seeing the floppy singles Viz released in the early aughts. I had no idea what it was about then, but with the release of the standard manga sized volumes, I soon discovered what a great series it was. And with the omnibuses, you can too. But if you’ve been following the series to the end, you won’t be able wait for this. More after the break.

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This Week in Manga: 12/11-12/17/10

Finally there is some news this week. It’s not a lot again, but it’s pretty juicy! We have license announcements from a surprising source, an online manga store opening, and some publishers throwing their weight around. And then there are the regular features of the NYTBSL, podcasts, and a roundup of what happening at Manga Village.

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