Okay, last week, we were having a heat wave, reaching up into the 100’s, and So. Cal was on fire again (though not as bad as last October).  There was even a fire near my house, though it was probably just a small house fire and was out in the amount of time it took us to go grocery shopping.  But all weekend, we were hearing sirens as the police and fire went down the street.  We live off a main thoroughfare.

Today, temperatures were down in the 60’s, there were sudden thunderstorms that lasted maybe 10-20 of pouring rain and then stopped.  Coming home from work, the local news radio station suspended all of it’s regular news for the weather.  Palm Desert had snow.  Summit pass was closed also due to snow.  Hail was raining down in some areas with sizes ranging from a quarter to a golf ball!  Freeways were shutting down, the hail was falling so hard.  People were pulling over.  And this is at the height of rush hour, on a Thursday before a holiday weekend!  That’s a very busy time for the freeways.  Flash flood warning were popping in up every where, and to top it all off, we had a tornado warning for Southwest Riverside (just over the foothills from me).  Three funnels appeared, one after the other over March Air Force base in Perris.  They blew over some railroad cars, a semi-truck and caused an accident on the I-215, that had someone trapped.

Tornadoes do NOT happen in California.  We get earthquakes and fires, but not tornadoes.  It was just plain freaky….

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