If you’ve seen a Doctor Who episode in the last 3 1/2 series that’s you’ve really enjoyed, and really gave you the creeps, it was probably written by Stephen Moffat.  The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, and Blink were all written by him.  I loved Blink personally.  The idea that statues can come to like, but only when we’re not looking is just so creepy!  The weeping angels they used in that episode were perfect.  The flashes they used to make the angels appear to move, and their terrifying appearance all gave that unnerving feeling forever afterward that *any* statue might be moving toward you, when you’re not looking.  The ending of that episode was just classic!

Stephen Moffat does it again in the current season with Silence in the Library (To appear on Sci Fi in two weeks).  This time, the creepiness comes from the most common place thing in the universe; Shadows.  Something lurks in the shadows, and when they swarm, it’s deadly!  And Moffat weaves his tale masterfully, taking things from the every day, and incorporating them into his terror.  The dust you see swirling around in a sunbeam?  Maybe not as benign as you might have originally thought. 

It’s another episode too where the Doctor’s future meets up with is current(past) self.  The hints that are dropped in this episode are fascinating.  I love the way the bits of information about the Doctor are being spoonfed to us.  There isn’t just one episode where we see everything about the Doctor’s and Gallifrey’s past.  Over the course of these 3 1/2 seasons we are carefully given little tidbits, that we have to string together to get the story.  And this is what makes the new Doctor Who series so much fun.  There’s so much for the fans to get together and talk about than just what happened in the episode.  Fans love to speculate.  It’s what we do with our loves.  And it’s great to have writer and producer who understands that and gives us what we want.

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