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Oh My God! Volume 2

May 20, 2009

Master and Jade don’t get along very well. They’re always fighting. But when they do… See? Yuto rains fire and brimstone down upon them. Yuto’s a sweet kid… most of the time.

By Natsuho Shino
Publisher: Aurora Publishing/Deux Press
Genre: Fantasy/BL
Rating: 16+/OT/Older Teen
Price: $12.95

Despite the OT rating (much higher than it deserves; this is easily suitable for anyone over 8), and despite being published by Deux Press, this volume of Oh My God! is more fantasy than BL. It reminds me of nothing as much as CLAMP’s Legal Drug: like Legal Drug it concerns a more-or-less ordinary teenager getting caught up in supernatural shenanigans, and like Legal Drug the potential romantic undertones of his situation are kept subtextual. If anything, Oh My God! is even less explicit than Legal Drug, with the only hint at a BL-type development being a moment of jealousy between two of the characters.

The premise is one rich in potential: Yuto Hikami is the youngest member of a family of sorcerers and exorcists, and is attended by two kami: Rin, a god of water, and Jade, who doesn’t actually remember what he’s a god of. Rin in turn is attended by a guardian spirit in the form of a raven, whose real name is Kyo but whom Yuto calls “Crowley”. Yuto, unbenownst to himself, is immensely powerful, and there’s a grand supernatural plot afoot to do… something, which is probably very important, but exactly what it is will have to wait for the next volume since at this stage all we’re getting is glimpses. Meanwhile, Jade and Rin can’t go five minutes without fighting, and Kyo has lost the ability to transform into a human. And Yuto has homework to do, and the bath needs scrubbing…

It’s great fun to read, although the plot bounces around in a slightly haphazard way; the bickering between Jade and Rin is just on the verge of getting irritating when suddenly it gets serious and it becomes clear that this isn’t just two people rubbing each other up the wrong way but a conflict between two suitors. Yuto could do with having more personality, but he’s likeable enough as it is, and the supernatural plot is intriguing enough to keep the pages turning.

There are three short unrelated back-up stories, my favourite being “Happy Days” in which a girl who makes a wish to a fairy finds that the fairy shows up several years too late, though I also liked “Can You Hear My Heart?”, a vignette of a conversation between a boy and the girl he has a crush on. The third story, “The Day the Angel Came”, was too fluffy and insubstantial to catch my interest.

Overall, Oh My God! volume 2 is a fun and pleasant read; nothing groundbreaking, but entertaining.

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