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Yurara Volume 2

May 25, 2009

When Yurara’s guardian spirit picks up a ghostly stalker, she vanishes, leaving Yurara to deal with the paranormal pervert on her own!

By: Chika Shiomi
Publisher: Viz Media – Shojo Beat
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Rating: Teen +
Price: $8.99

Not much of a volume description, is it? It doesn’t even come close to describing what’s going on in this volume. There is some serious character development going in here. The description only acts as a lead in.

This volume starts off with two self-contained chapters that work to lead into the heart of the book; Yurara’s relationship with Mei. Mei is a serious flit, so Yurara doesn’t want to take his advances seriously, especially when it seems he’s really only interested in her spirit guardian. But when Yurara goes to the school rooftop to investigate the spirit that seems to be following her, Mei gets very upset with her. Yako explains to Yurara about Mei’s past and being in love with another woman who was killed by a spirit by pulling her off a rooftop. Yurara then meets that spirit when she possesses Mei and it’s up to Yurara to get rid of the spirit before it manipulates Mei into taking his own life.

Mei and Yurara’s relationship takes some serious turns in this volume. We learn a lot about Mei’s past, and meet his family. We also learn that Mei’s flirting runs in the family. Yurara seems really shaken when she hears that Mei was in love once, even though she tries to tell herself she could never fall in love with someone like him. But by the end, she admits her feelings to Mei; that she has fallen in love with him. At the same time though, there seem to be clues dropping that Yako is developing feeling for Yurara himself, though being more reserved, he doesn’t acknowledge them. The set up of a love triangle is in full force now. Especially with Mei’s confession on the last page, things will really start to get complicated between the trio.

While this is a romance, what I really like about it is that it isn’t your usual romance. It is in no way sappy, or overly angsty. It’s more fun, with humor and great interaction between the leads. And most of all it’s got heart. No matter how evil the spirit they encounter may seem, there’s always a reason behind it. There are no inherently evil spirits here. Yurara isn’t instantly enamored or in love with the two hot boys that suddenly invade her life. It’s a slow process, and only dawns on her after the resolution of Mei’s arc. This is a great book that can easily be enjoyed by boys and girls alike despite the romance/shojo label.


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