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Gimmy, along with his younger twin brother and sister, lives in a desert town. But this desert town is unique: It is overshadowed by a humongous tree that is the home to a town’s rain goddess, who provides water to the town.

Originally reviewed by Dan Polley
Amefurashi 1By Atsushi Suzumi
Publisher: Del Rey
Age Rating: 13+
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Price: $10.99

Every so often, the town must provide an offering to the deity so that she continues to bless the town with rain. This time, Gimmy is tasked with that.

So he sets off to create a doll, only he faces tremendous difficulty. But while he is trying to create a doll, his kid twin siblings overhear him, and they create a plan. Instead of Gimmy’s doll as an offering, they wrap themselves up and hide in a wooden box and the villagers and village head mistake them for the offering.

Gimmy eventually realizes what has happened and insists upon journeying to the top of the tree — it’s a really long climb — and bringing his twin siblings back home. But when he gets to the top, he is met by a rude girl, and the two of them just don’t seem to get along.

He must come to an uneasy truce to help along the village and to try to get his siblings returned. But the deeper he gets into trying to rescue them, the more danger presents itself, but not just to him, to the entire town, too.

As the volume ends, the town and the tree reach a disastrous end, and many are left with empty feelings. But Gimmy and others need to find the courage to bring an end to the trouble.

Although Gimmy can be fun and interesting, at times he seems a bit dull to be the lead character of the series, but that’s just a minor setback. Overall, AmeFurashi introduced a unique setting, some great characters and the basis for a mighty struggle.

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