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Ninja Girls Volume 1

September 30, 2009

Raizo has a secret: He has a horn growing on the top of his head. To everyone in the village around him, that makes him an outcast, someone to be avoided at all possible costs.

Ninja Girls 1Originally reviewed by Dan Polley
By Tanaka Hosana
Publisher: Del Rey Manga
Genre: Action
Rating: Older Teens (16+)
Price: $10.99

However, to a few select ninjas who happen to be women, he is the final stop in the bloodline of the Katana family. In their eyes, that makes him the rightful heir to the throne. And now that they’ve found him, they are going to do everything they can to ensure that he rules the land like he should.

It’s how these ninja girls go about that provides some intrigue and hilarity to the plot. Raizo meets the ninjas one at a time, and each one tries — in her own way — to ensure his safety. And that’s always how the comedic portions of the volume are set up. Each new ninja is introduced and then works to lay out a plan to save Raizo from any trouble nearby and to help him regain rulership of the land under his family’s banner.

Although the plot starts to move along faster near the very end of the volume, it is stagnant for most of the time. But it’s relatively easy to dismiss that to the generally slow pacing of a series’ first volume.

What does seem to make up for it is that the characters are all interesting. Not all of them displayed that to the fullest in the first volume, but there is definitely potential there for future tales from the secondary characters.

Raizo and his struggle form the foundation. His character and the funny one-liners are enough to make this first volume enjoyable.

The volume does well enough to intrigue for future volumes, but not enough to blow away. This will be a series to watch as its fortunes could go either way.

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