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Miel is a bit out of sorts with the rest of her family. Unlike them, she isn’t really interested in developing her magical powers, which are quite common in Savarin, the kingdom she lives in. As a member of the Violette family, which had been employed as sorcerers in the palace as recently as a couple of generations ago.

Lapis Laluzi Crown 1Originally reviewed by Dan Polley
By Natsuna Kawase
Publisher: CMX
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: Everyone
Price: $9.99

It’s under those conditions that Miel brews while taking a walk. And she absent-mindedly lets go of her purse. And it ends up hitting a boy, who was out walking just up the street, right in the head.

She apologies and tries to make it up to the boy, who happens to have the same popular nickname — Radi — as the prince, by taking him out to lunch. The guy seems to think Miel is trying to pick him up, and they appear to be on different pages.

The two seem to bond quickly. Radi gently tries to glide Miel to understand the path of magic and to help her want to learn, even while Miel doesn’t realize that he is doing this. And just as suddenly as the two met, Radi’s friend shows up and takes him back to his life, leaving Miel and her thoughts on magic — and Radi’s secret — to simmer.

Miel’s encounter with the strange boy motivates her to increase her magical prowress. And that continues through the course of the volume as Miel and the boy meet again a couple of other times. Each time, their meetings include some moments of off-the-wall hysterics and some moments of Miel-as-unwitting-student. And those distinctions give a good balance to the flow of the volume.

Miel and Radi and their relationship provide an entertaining set up to a potentially fun title. And the plot point involving their relationship can give a jumping board to some good stories in the future.

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