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Make Love and Peace Volume 1

February 4, 2010

College student Ayame’s boyfriend is the handsome police detective Koichi.  After what seemed like a destined meeting, Ayame and Koichi are a couple who want nothing but a lovey-dovey relationship with plenty of hot sex to spice it up.  However, having a police detective for a boyfriend naturally implies that constant troubles won’t be far behind.  Between battling injustices in society and indulging in sexual passions in bed, there is never a dull moment in their relationship.  Though wanting some peaceful time together is understandable, can you really complain when you have to settle for hot and spicy sex?

Make Love & Peace 1By Takane Yonetai
Publisher: Aurora (LuvLuv)
Age Rating: 18+
Genre: Romance
Price: $10.95

Make Love and Peace reminds me very much of Cotton Candy.  It’s light and fluffy, and fun while it lasts, but I wouldn’t want to eat it all the time.

The plot of this series is pretty light.  It’s a slice of life that shows the ups and downs of the relationship between a college freshman and a cop with lots of sex scenes thrown in for no real apparent reason other than to titillate.

The actual plot and execution isn’t bad.  College freshman Ayame is dating police detective Koichi and has doubts about their relationship.  A lot of these doubts are typical for a romance title.  She worries about him getting hurt or killed on duty, but also doesn’t want him to worry about her.  She wonders if he is serious about her beyond the sex and if he would want to have children.  She even has to deal with the obstacle of the cute younger brother that tries to tempt her.  It’s all very standard and safe.

Each chapter introduces some problem such as a panty thief, attempted rape, and an abandoned child, with the problems being solved at the end.  Then there is a sex scene to finish things off, so to speak.  The scenes seem to want to make the reader believe that this is the way Ayama and Koichi show their feeling for each other, but they actually come off as more gratuitous.  The scenes are fairly graphic and distracts from the over all story.  Once every other chapter or so would be more believable.  Like the plot, the art is average, but not displeasing to the eye.

Make Love and Peace might have been more interesting as a josei if there wasn’t so much sex.  The relationship between Ayame and Koichi builds up nicely over the chapters.  The characters are interesting, and I liked them despite being rather 2-D-ish.  The stories are fun with a rom-com feel to them.  Ayame’s grandparents added some nice humor as surrogate parents, with her grandfather being the typical over-protective father.  But the inclusion of so much sex makes it a difficult title to take seriously.

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