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Canary Darlberg is the princess of the Linaria kingdom, and she’s just received some life-altering news: She’s set to have an arranged marriage begin soon. Her father tells her that she is to marry Prince Heath of Gazania, but he is renowned to be, well, an idiot.

Originally reviewed by Dan Polley
Lizard Prince 1By Asuka Izumi
Publisher: CMX
Age Rating:Everyone
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Comedy

Canary does not think very highly of the prince, but her father insists. Fortunately, her father offers a deal: Meet him once and if she doesn’t like him, the marriage is off. But the prince, who has a pet lizard that talks, asks a favor of the lizard. He wants the lizard to take some magic medicine that would make him switch bodies with someone — the prince — and live out that person’s life. (But just for the day, the prince says.)

The date went well for Canary and the lizard. But when he changes back to lizard form and Canary encounters the real Heath, Canary is less than enthused. Immediately she knows it is not the same person she met before, even if they both look like Prince Heath. But the two cannot remain separated for long, and their connection will test love and its boundaries.

But the lizard has a secret of his own to reveal, and he does so after meeting Canary again. From there, well, things get a bit more complicated as the pair have to wade through challenge after challenge, some more palpable than others. How they react to these challenges shows that, even though their relationship might never be easy, it will always be real. And that’s one of the cool features of their story.

The challenges they face also act as a great way to insert comedy into the romantic tale. And most of the scenes are funny and engaging; only a few are trite, overdone. One particular tale — it involves Canary’s mother and her losing her ring — is especially good for its mix of romance and comedy, while still offering a fresh take on what could otherwise be a storytelling clichéd path.

The Lizard Prince is a good mix of humor, story, romance and characters. No one thing is spectacular; instead, all of the components come together to make something better than its individual parts. And that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

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