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Vampire Hunter D Volume 5

February 10, 2011

In a secluded village void of the dangers that come during the night, there lies an ageless sleeping beauty once bitten by a vampire 30 years ago. She is the key that holds the delicate balance in the village in which mortals and the Nobility can coexist. But when the wandering vampire known as “D” is drawn to the town by recurring dreams of the mysterious girl, the town will stop at nothing to protect that tranquil balance and stop the vampire hunter’s in his tracks.

Adapted by Saiko Takaki; Story by Hideyuki Kikuchi
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Age Rating: 16+
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 9781569707906
Price: $13.95

Once again D has to play detective as he investigates the mystery behind the dreams that not only he, but all the people of the town have been having. It’s light on action, with a story that like D doesn’t seem to be able to go anywhere.

I really enjoyed D’s last foray into playing detective, and the description for this volume sounded intriguing, so I was looking forward to reading it. D’s arrival in town is rather strange, with people seeming to know who he is, and not being afraid or wary of him. He gets right down to business, talking to people to try and get some answers. It played out very much like an RPG from a video game, with D taking to one person, getting some information and them being directed to the next person who could give him a little more information. This is pretty much how most of the volume goes, with very little happening. This wasn’t a problem with the last volume, since there were characters to care about and invest in. This volume doesn’t have that, and it makes plot seem to plod around more.

This story did add more to the D universe, as some of the animals of the far future are introduced. The Meat Beasts and Chickenoids are rather unique creatures. The Meat Beasts made for a good laugh while the Chickenoids look cute but do not have a disposition to match. There is also another hint about “him”, as D calls him. His father, we can presume, Dracula. He seems to be responsible for Simone’s predicament, and you really have to question why he would do what he did. Did he have a purpose for doing it? Or was he trying to grant a young girl’s wish? We still know next to nothing about D’s father, other than he’s powerful, and D was probably his only offspring to survive and thrive as well as he has. With the littlel hints dropped in every volume about him, I hope there is a plan to eventually resolve his mystery.

This fifth volume of Vampire Hunter D was a decent read. The story starts out slow, but never picks up after that, not even in the big battle with the Bio Brothers at the end. Once again, there was no blantant abuse of women evident anywhere, which is a good thing. There was more emphasis on D’s looks, as even men were admitting to being attracted to him. But even these moments couldn’t lift this story out of the doldrums that dominates it.


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