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Hey, look! An actual list this week! Seven Seas has some more omnibuses, so now is the time to check out these older titles at a great price. Vertical hits fans with some series WTF with their newest title, and Viz makes it rain Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat titles, including the final volume of Hikaru no Go, and the first of their 3-in-1 titles with Kekkaishi and Naruto.

The List:

Blood Alone Omnibus Volume 1 TP, $15.99 **Weekly Pick**
Gunslinger Girl Omnibus Volume 2 TP (Of 2), $15.99 **Weekly Pick**

7 Billion Needles Volume 4 GN, $10.95 **Weekly Pick**
Lychee Light Club Volume 1 GN, $16.95 **Weekly Pick**

AI ORE Volume 1 Love Me GN, $12.99
Bakuman Volume 4 TP, $9.99
Black Bird Volume 8 GN, $9.99
Death Note Black Edition Volume 4 TP, $14.99
Genkaku Picasso Volume 3 GN, $9.99 **Weekly Pick**
Gin Tama Volume 22 TP, $9.99
Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time Volume 12 GN, $9.99
Hikaru no Go Volume 23 TP, $9.99
Kekkaishi 3-In-1 Edition Volume 1 GN, $14.99
Kimi ni Todoke From Me To You Volume 8 GN, $9.99 **Weekly Pick**
Naruto 3-In-1 Edition Volume 1 GN, $14.99 **Weekly Pick**
Oresama Teacher Volume 2 GN, $9.99 **Weekly Pick**
Otomen Volume 10 GN, $9.99
Panda Man Vs Chiwanda TP (not verified by Diamond), $7.99
Story Of Saiunkoku Volume 3 GN, $9.99
Tegami Bachi Letter Bee Volume 5 GN, $9.99
We Were There Volume 12 GN (resolicited), $9.99

The Picks:

Alex’s Picks: Glad to see we have an actual list this week. Viz has some great picks for us, and I am choosing both the sugary-sweet Kimi ni Todoke Vol. 8 as well as taking a chance on Oresama Teacher Vol. 2. I like Kimi ni Todoke enough to always grab the next volume, but Oresama Teacher is a bit of a mixed bag – I am more than willing to give it another volume or two to prove itself.

Connie’s Picks: Usamaru Furuya fans have two books to choose from this week, and both are worthy reads.  Genkaku Picasso’s final volume finishes the artful weirdness off with a very touching finale that is not to be missed, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the depravity that is Lychee Light Club.  These two volumes bring the total number of Furuya books available in English to a whopping 6, so it’s a good week indeed for his fans.

Justin’s Picks: Connie’s right, Lychee Light Club is a must, especially as a one volume work from a major talent. There’s also some great omnibuses (omnibi? Omnibusses?) out this week as well: If you’ve never bought in to Naruto, then now’s your chance with the Naruto 3-in-1, and Gunslinger Girl is a series I passed on originally, but it’s good enough to grab the omnibus editions.

Amy’s Pick: I’m really stoked to see Masayuki Takano’s Blood Alone get the omnibus treatment! I’ve only been able to get my hands on the first two volumes that ADV published. I can’t wait to revisit the ever so innocent looking Misaki and her handsome counterpart Kuroe, especially since it is supposed to have a new translation!

Lori’s Pick: Viz has a lot of my favorites this week, with Hikaru no Go, Kimi ni Todoke, and Story of Saiunkoku, but my pick has to go to Vertical. 7 Billion Needles has been a wild, emotional, and just plain fantastic ride! You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this series. It’s filled with drama, action and raw emotion. This series is a must for every library!

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