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Small-list syndrome hits this week, but still the Villagers are able to find the good stuff. Viz dominates again, and probably will from now on, except for Yen Press’ monthly releases. This week it’s the Shonen Sunday titles. Dark Horse gets out another release of their very long running Oh My Goddess!, and Vertical has some starry goodness with the next Twin Spica.

The List:

Oh My Goddess! Volume 38 TP, $10.99

Twin Spica Volume 7 GN, $10.95 **Weekly Pick**

Biomega Volume 6 GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**
Inu Yasha Volume 7 GN (VIZBIG Edition), $17.99 **Weekly Pick**
Jormungand Volume 7 GN, $12.99
Kurozakuro Volume 4 GN, $9.99
Maoh Juvenile Remix Volume 5 TP, $9.99 **Weekly Pick**
Shonen Jump Volume 9 #6 (June 2011), $4.99

The Picks:

Alex’s Pick: Of all the Shonen Sunday titles, Maoh Juvenile Remix has been the most consistently entertaining of the bunch – I will take the fifth volume of this shonen thriller this week. Special mention to Twin Spica, but I still haven’t caught up with earlier volumes (shame shame).

Amy’s Pick: My pick for this week is Inu Yasha (VIZBIG Edition.) There’s just something so appealing about a big hunk of manga.

Justin’s Pick: Like Alex, I’m playing catch-up this week. Twin Spica didn’t quite grab me enough that I felt compelled to get every new volume as soon as it came out, but I want to catch up with this one because it’s supposed to be a big event in the series. Biomega is another series I’ve been waiting until summer to really take on–I’ve bought the first two volumes and admired the art, but now’s the time to dive in.

Lori’s Pick: Twin Spica had me hooked at the first volume, so with this super-sized volume (272 pages!), I can’t wait to dive in and see what happens next.

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