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Tired of Waiting for Love

September 16, 2011

When you get out of here, you’re going to forget about me, huh? It’s like I have never existed in your eyes.

By Yugi Yamada & Saki Aida
Publisher: DMP/Juné
Age rating: M/Mature/18+
Genre: BL/yaoi
Price: 695 eManga points

You can always count on Yugi Yamada to come up with a story that’s funny, sharp, clever, and a little bit out of the ordinary. Tired of Waiting for Love is no exception: it’s a shade or two darker than a typical Yamada manga, no doubt because Saki Aida (author of the S light novel series) wrote the story, but the characters are Yamada characters all the same: prickly and stubborn, with strong feelings that they’re reluctant to reveal.

The main characters, Shuuya and Sawaragi, meet in prison. Sawaragi’s a minor Yakuza, in prison for drug dealing (as a result of a subplot in another manga by Yamada and Aida which, as far as I can tell, hasn’t been licensed). Shuuya is a street punk and former prostitute — or rather, not so “former”, since he’s using his body to buy protection while he’s behind bars. When Sawaragi gets in a fight to protect Shuuya, Shuuya develops a crush on him, but Sawaragi keeps his distance, knowing he’s going to get out soon and not wanting to form any serious bonds while he’s in prison. A year after Sawaragi’s release, they run into each other again, and Shuuya is in trouble: he’s been working as a host, and has foolishly had sex with a client who turned out to be the wife of a Yakuza. Sawaragi shelters him, but remains aloof, afraid to return Shuuya’s feelings — for Shuuya’s own good as well as his own.

There’s a decent Yakuza-related plot as well as a thoughtful and touching emotional plot in this story, which deals carefully with the difficult relationship between Sawaragi and Shuuya. Shuuya is immature and brash, but doesn’t quite believe he can get what he wants, which makes him willing to grasp at straws, believing that it’s better to aim for something he can get. Sawaragi is older and has lived a life that’s hurt him and made him cautious and cynical. They are a strange match, but they fill out each other’s empty places and complement each other beautifully.

As well as being a fine example of Yugi Yamada’s funny and sharp BL (and Saki Aida’s excellent writing), Tired of Waiting for Love is the first release that has been done through the Digital Manga Guild, DMP’s new licensing/translation model that is designed to cut down on front-end costs for DMP and allow for more titles to be translated and made available faster. The worry with the DMG was always that the standard of translation would slip, since many of the translators and editors involved are not professionals and/or have relatively little experience; but I have to say, if it hadn’t been advertised as the first DMG title, I would never have guessed. The standard is every bit as high as DMP’s usual, which is a good sign.

Tired of Waiting for Love is a witty, tough, and touching BL story that will please fans of Yugi Yamada (one of the best BL artists out there) and those who enjoy a bit of plot with their romance.

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