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New Releases for 9/14/11

September 17, 2011

It’s Yen Press’ week as they release the majority of their titles this week, including the first volume of their 3rd James Patterson series Witch and Wizard, and the very different take on zombies series, Raiders. Viz Media sees the end of one of their Signature titles with the final volume of Detroit Metal City, as does Kodansha which realease the final volume of Shugo Chara.

The List:

Shugo Chara Volume 12 GN, $10.99

Twin Spica Volume 9 GN, $10.95  **Weekly Pick**

Detroit Metal City Volume 10 GN, $12.99  **Weekly Pick**
Hayate The Combat Butler Volume 18 TP, $9.99

Bamboo Blade Volume 10 TP, $11.99
Bunny Drop Volume 4 GN, $12.99  **Weekly Pick**
Goong Volume 12 GN, $18.99
Kieli Volume 5 The Sunlit Garden Where It Began Part 1 GN, $11.99
My Girlfriend’s A Geek Volume 4 GN, $11.99
Raiders Volume 7 GN, $11.99
Witch And Wizard The Manga Volume 1 GN, $14.50
With The Light Raising An Autistic Child Volume 8 GN, $11.99  **Weekly Pick**
Zombie-Loan Volume 12 TP, $11.99

The Picks:

Connie’s Pick: There’s a lot of good stuff from Yen Press this week (I’m a big fan of Goong, myself, and the newest volume is still ridiculously soapy and addictive), but my choice this week can only be the final volume of Detroit Metal City.  It’s definitely not for everyone, and the series begins to get repetitive just before the end, but the last volume is a triumphant finale for the series, one final crazy concert for Krauser, and it is fantastic.

Justin’s Pick: This is a solid Yen Press week, with 3+ fantastic titles on that list. I’m picking up Bunny Drop, because it’s great: complex, funny, bittersweet – and because I want retailers to know that there is an audience for great manga like this!

Alex’s Pick: I have two picks this week. One, like Justin mentioned, is the fantastic Bunny Drop, which is a really cute little josei piece. I have heard things change dramatically soon, so we’ll see how this works out in future volumes. I also need to have Twin Spica, which is an absolutely fabulous series. If you aren’t reading this one, you need to be.

John’s Pick: Twin Spica is the winner for me this week. This is a great space camp and beyond series that can be enjoyed by pretty much all ages.

Amy’s Pick: I love Bunny Drop so I’m happy to see the fourth volume being released this week. I really enjoy seeing Rin opening up more to those around her but am anxious to see what the upcoming developments will entail.

Lori’s Pick: I agree with everyone that Bunny Drop, Twin Spica and Goong are all great titles. I want to point out another Yen Press title that was sadly ended suddenly. With the Light has been a heart-warming series which ended with the tragic death of it creator Keiko Tobe. The final volume comes out this week, which includes not just complete chapters, but also rough drafts she was working on while fighting her illness.

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