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New Releases for 9/28/11

October 2, 2011

It’s a short list for the end of September, but it’s got some big names on it. But we’ll get to those later. First, Bandai finally releases the 2nd volume of Kannagi about magical girl shrine deities. Del Rey Manga makes a rare appearance with the next xxxHOLIC, while Kodansha has a few other former Del Rey titles with Arisa and Negima. And just for the kids, there’s a new adaptation of the latest Pokemon movie from Viz.

The List:

Kannagi Volume 2 GN (Of 6), $10.99

Berserk Volume 35 TP, $14.99

xxxHOLiC Volume 17 GN, $10.99

Arisa Volume 4 GN, $10.99
Codename Sailor V Volume 1 TP, $10.99
Deltora Quest Volume 2 GN, $10.99  **Weekly Pick**
Negima Volume 31 GN, $10.99  **Weekly Pick**
Sailor Moon Volume 1 TP (Kodansha Edition), $10.99  **Weekly Pick**

Book Of Human Insects HC (by Osamu Tezuka), $21.95  **Weekly Pick**

Pokemon Zoroark Master Of Illusions GN, $7.99

The Picks:

John’s Pick: I always intrigued by new (to us) Tezuka, so Book of Human Insects is high on my list of must-check-outs.

Alex’s Pick: I agree with John that Book of Human Insects is the clear winning pick this week, but I am loath to miss out on Negima Vol. 31, so I’ll be a littler poorer this week. Who needs lunch money?

Justin’s Pick: I’m surprised you guys haven’t mentioned Sailor Moon. I feel like we wouldn’t be here, doing what we do if it weren’t for Sailor Moon. This is like a reboot on manga for a whole generation of young girls– like a world where Harry Potter went out of print for a decade and is now back. I’m excited to show this to my daughter and I’m excited to dig in to a manga I was “too cool” for when it first came out.

Lori’s Pick: The natural picks this week have been covered by the guys above me with Book of Human Insects and Sailor Moon. But I have to go against the grain again and give my pick to a title too long in coming to the US; Deltora Quest. My oldest daughter enjoyed the novels and even watched the english dub of the anime. That she showed interest in reading the manga, after declaring she didn’t want to read anymore manga only show how enduring this title is to tweens and teens.

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