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New Releases for 11/30/11

December 4, 2011

End of the month means a small list, and this month is no exception. There are multiple publishers, but with only a few books each. Kodansha continues more former Del Rey titles, and Viz has the new Pokemon movie adaptation. But the big news is the return of disturbing thriller from Dark Horse MPD-Psycho. Just in time for Christmas!

The List:

MPD-Psycho Volume 10 TP, $12.99  **Weekly Pick**

Negima Volume 32 GN, $10.99
Wallflower Volume 27 GN, $10.99

Pokemon Zoroark Master Of Illusions GN, $7.99  **Weekly Pick**

13th Boy Volume 9 GN , $11.99  **Weekly Pick**

The Picks:

John’s Pick: This is an easy week for me, and not because of the short length of the list. I have been waiting to see MPD-Psycho Vol. 10 since it’s announcement last summer. This is an example of a niche series that was cancelled at one point, but vocal fan demand has kept it on life support.

Alex’s Pick: The dark and disturbing MPD-Psycho is a fantastic story, but something that readers should not walk into partway -if you haven’t read the first volume, check that out before you decide to hop into this potentially troubling thriller. I will be taking the much less scary Negima!  this week, and will be using this opportunity to catch up on the volumes MPD-Psycho I haven’t read yet.

Justin’s Pick: I’m at a loss, there really isn’t anything I read on the list this week. I might listlessly pick up 13th Boy in the hopes that SangEun Lee’s art will be as exciting as that of fellow Korean duo JiSang Shin and Geo, or I might show my son the Pokemon volume, or I might try and make up for missing out on MPD Psycho by starting over at the beginning…

Connie’s Pick:  Really?  Do I have to choose between 13th Boy and MPD-Psycho?  Both are beloved series, and I think there are many others that will have to make this difficult decision along with me.  How can I pick?  Do I want to read about a crazy murder cult, or a cactus that turns into a real boy and falls in love with his owner?  I wish I was joking.

Lori’s Pick: Tough choice this week, since nothing really rings my bell. I have several volumes of Wallflower I have to catch up on before I can even approach this week’s release. I think I will check out Pokemon: Zoroark Master of Illusions. I have to admit the movie adaptations have been interesting, and this one is a transition to the new Black and White series. My kids are big fans, what can I say?

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