I admit it. I’m a complete and total 80s girl. I was totally pumped when Shout Factory announced last year that they were going to release ALL of Jem and the Holograms on DVD. I still have the original Rhino DVDs (which have better extras, so I’m not trading those, but I can’t wait to finally get the rest of season 3!) I was watching Jem when it first started on Super Sunday as one of three 9 min segments. I had recorded all of the episodes on VHS, and taped all of the songs from the TV and made my own mix tapes of Jem!

And now, another icon from my childhood appears. Amethyst: Princess of  Gemworld is being given a reboot by DC, with none-other-than Christy Marx at the helm. She created the characters and story for Jem and the Holograms with only the barest of information from Hasbro. Of course, that’s not the only show she’s ever done, but she was every supportive of the fans, and we’ve never forgotten her for it. Amethyst was the first DC comic I read with any regularity. Of course, it was only a 12 issue mini series, but I loved it when it came out, and re-read the issues many times. I could relate to Amy at the time, and loved the use of gem stones in the story, and loved her design. Garnet was my favorite of the houses. Luckily, my birthstone was one of the good guys.

While I don’t trust DC with character reboots, I will never forgive them for what they did to Blue Devil, I feel comfortable with letting Christy take the reins. She knows how to write for girls and young women, so I can trust the story really will speak to that audience. I like the some of the changes mentioned in the article; Amy being older, and she and her mother being on the move all the time. Don’t know that I care for the “Evil Aunt” angle. Dark Opal was such a great villain. And…I liked her old costume; without the headdress. The new design has a touch too much super-hero look to it. But, I guess sacrifices have to be made somewhere.

I will be following this series when it comes out in September, but unfortunately for my LCS, it will be digitally. Digital comics are so much easier to store. I also hope this series will be given a real chance, and not canceled if the DC fanboys don’t pick it up. This is probably DC’s last chance to get me reading their books again. I hope they don’t blow it again.

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